Creative Marketing. Training. Consulting.

Consulting & Business Development

BPO Group USA brings all the marketing puzzle pieces together to complete your business goals.

Our professionals get involved in your projects as your own team members while taking a fresh look at your tasks. Thinking outside the box, we collaborate with you in achieving your goals via strong leadership in training, creative workshops, brainstorm sessions, and day-by-day cooperation.

Utilizing creative approach, we focus on branding, business development and promotion of your business including smart online presence: up-to-date websites and SEO along with social media integration. We consult and assist you in marketing and legal aspects, as well as expand your network and connections.

Creative Marketing

Did you know that common marketing techniques and standard approaches do not always work? We listen to you, analyze your business needs and find smart solutions, individually for you. Creative Marketing approach allows us to explore non-standard ways of your brand promotion and business development:

These questions, to name a few, make us think creatively to achieve your goals.


It is also important to remember that having a great product or service does not automatically mean you are having a Brand.

Established and successful brands take on a so called Brand Personality: your clients begin associating your goods or services with a set of human characteristics. It builds your Brand Loyalty and adds to your Brand Equity.

Website & SEO

Internet means power nowadays. Do you have smart online presence?

We suggest building the up-to-date website with the widest opportunities:

We can develop your website concept, design and build such a website for you, as well as show you how to use and update your new website. We would like to emphasize that the smartly built website is the great investment in your Brand Awareness and Promotion.

You definitely also want the audience to find you. We make the websites which "talk" effectively to the search engines! In other words, our web designers use the right techniques to make you searchable via utilizing all possible Search Engine Optimization tools.

Social Media Integration

There are certain ways to direct traffic to your website as well as build your Brand Loyalty. Smart online presence means also smart use of Social Media. We cannot underestimate the popularity of Social Media websites and web communities nowadays.

Social Media integration can help you build your brand awareness, increase your Brand Loyalty, direct more traffic to your website. By using those social media websites in a smart way you can promote your business in a cost-effective way reaching the desired audience.

BPO Group USA does its best to provide you with the information needed to grow your business and expand your business network. Along with informational sessions, we can also lead in long-term ongoing support of your business activities such as ongoing web page updates, blogging, professional networking, promo activities, training/brainstorm sessions.