How to Survive Facebook Changes

As you all noticed, Facebook has recently released many changes not only to its design but also to its algorithm. These changes resulted to the decrease of the organic reach of your Facebook posts and campaigns, in other words your campaign may not take off because your content doesn’t have traction. To put it bluntly, you don’t reach your audience.

So what to do? At the very beginning you should develop your social marketing strategy which should include more than one social media platform. If you stay, for example, only with Facebook than all your efforts depend on the changes and strategies of one social media source. Analyze various social media sources to reach your audience worldwide and land them on your website directly.

Reach your target audience worldwide

Depending on your Brand and goals, consider different social media platforms. Despite the fact that Facebook has been the most engaging social media platform for lots of people worldwide, think of Twitter, Google+ and other sources which are also undergoing major changes and redesign thus gaining more attention, users, and followers.

Recently Twitter has introduced a new page design and published new usage data: now it has 255 million monthly active users, an increase of 25% year-over-year. Google+ will not be considered just a product of Google but a platform. So it means we can expect changes and redesign of its look and functions too. MySpace is on the rise again – the platform used to be favorite among all kinds of creative-beings.

Don’t forget about newsletters – there you can publicize your news and updates outside of social media market at all.

And pay attention to apps – they are on a rise! The certain audiences use apps much more than other sources of information. For instance, women download 40% more apps and spend 87% more money on paid apps than men.

But what to do with our favorite and beloved Facebook? There are also certain strategies you can develop to adopt the recent Facebook changes. Understanding the fact that you don’t “own” your audience any more (because you cannot reach it organically through your posting) you should accept the fact that you have to pay each time you want to promote your campaign to your target audience. Based on this fact, develop your ad campaigns the way they reach the audience you need, try to get their email addresses and drive them to your website to sign up for you blogs and letters. In this case you will establish more one-on-one communication and keep the audience even if you lose it on your social media platforms.

One of the most common pieces of advice – make your content interesting and catchy. New Facebook ad opportunities give you a chance to get click-through engagement directly to your website. Try to benefit from it now.

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The Importance of Branding

Having a great product do you think you are having a brand? In some cases – not at all.

We’ll explain why.

For example, you are a fashion designer. You have made a collection of dresses. All of them are nice and beautiful, and got appraisal from your friends. But so what? To sell them you have to inform your potential consumers that you do exist, create beautiful dresses, follow trends, and do not compromise on quality. How to do it?

You need a right “wrap” for your dress. You need to create a brand out of your product.
Consider analyzing your costs and profit estimation, and set your tasks on branding. Create your name and label. Think about your price point and portrait your target audience. Then some important next steps should be made to promote your brand.

…Seems complicated? Well, it is not really so. You just need to articulate the vision and develop the structural approach. We can do it together with you via our creative workshops! To learn more please contact BPO Group USA.

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Business Networking

Enjoying the mobility of online networking it is also crucial still to meet people in person, have an opportunity to talk “live”, share thoughts and knowledge.

Small Business Expo Afterparty at Yotel

We try to build connections via participating in business meetings and parties organized on purpose to gather and connect people from various fields of business. Such, we met financial advisors and writers, insurance brokers and designers, accountants and artists.

Business Promotion

Professionals and business owners enjoying a networking event.

If you run your own business search the list of local professional and social events such as business exhibitions, public seminars. Choosing the event consider the opportunity to meet your potential clients (in other words, your target audience) rather than competitors from the same industry.

In this case all these after work gatherings will help you promote your business via sharing your company information and expanding your clientele.

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