Dot NYC – New Competitive Domain As An Element of Strong Branding

Someone has already called the most popular domain “dot com” boring. Well, why?

Today it was officially announced that the City of New York has been approved for its own geographic top-level domain – .nyc – which will allow New Yorkers and visitors to easily find local businesses, services and information online. A .nyc address will show that a business or individual is located in New York City and identify products and organizations serving the New York City community. The City of New York is one of the first cities in the world to be granted a geographic top-level domain by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the nonprofit private organization responsible for overseeing the distribution of IP addresses and domain names. The approval of .nyc comes as ICANN expands the number of generic top-level domains beyond extensions like .com, .org and .edu.


New domain, .nyc

It looks like “dot nyc” will be competitive and desirable because it plays at the area of branding, branding of one of the most glamorous and dreamed-about cities in the world, New York. “Having our own unique, top-level domain…our small businesses will now be able to identify themselves as connected to New York City, one of the world’s strongest and most prestigious brands,” – emphasized Mayor Bloomberg.

New York City. Photo courtesy of Natalie Burlutskaya

Should you wish to register for a .nyc domain, you need to know these rules:

  1. registrants will have to have a primary place of residence in the City of New York with a physical address or a “bona fide presence” in the City of New York, meaning regularly performing lawful activities within the city and maintaining an office or other facility in the city;
  2. small businesses would also be able to use a .nyc domain to allow customers to know where they are located in order to better build their online identity;
  3. registration for .nyc addresses will open in late 2013 and fees are to be determined. Additional information is available at

Commissioner Walsh pointed out that “small businesses benefit from a strong online presence, and the .nyc domain will give New York City’s small businesses an extra boost by making them more accessible and allowing them to build off the NYC brand”.

How did NYC obtain its own domain? The City of New York is working with a selected registry vendor, Neustar, who is covering all of the City’s costs associated with obtaining the top-level domain, which includes a $185,000 application fee and all technology services and marketing expenses associated with the top-level domain. In March 2012, the City of New York applied to ICANN for control over the administration and management of the .nyc domain, and in May 2013, ICANN announced its decision.


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Entrepreneurship: Right Execution of Smart Business Idea

Great ideas are the most valuable goods on the market. Having at least one smart business idea means fifty percent of success in many cases. And here is an example: “Two Tablespoons”.

BPO Group USA about entrepreneurship

Two Tablespoons

New York City is a place with probably the most eateries per person in the world! Literally, you can try here every cuisine of the world. Imagine the competition among those who want to be successful in the restaurant field.

How to make your spot stand out? The right answer can be “Make it hot!”  At one of the city’s holiday markets we came across the pavilion, among all others, which offers you to try something seasonal. Traditionally, you would expect a trivial cup of coffee… but this is not the case with “Two Tablespoons”: here you get a cup of hot borsht!

Smart business idea

A cup of hot Borsht

You can also have Lentil Soup, Quinoa Salad, and herbal tea. The design of the booth is efficiently sending you the message about healthy home made meals commonly and fairly called “comfort food”.

Why is it a success? Branding is important as usually. There are several aspects which this small team of cooks=businessmen have successfully implemented:

1. The concept is interesting: this is like a coffee shop but with a twist!
2. The message is clear: the menu consists of just 4-5 items of healthy food
3. The design of the booth corresponds with the purpose: the chalked menu on the black board sends you the signal about something natural, organic and simple even if it would not say “vegan”
4. The food is delicious and exactly what you need on chilly winter days!

With this example of tasty & tasteful branding of the attractive business idea we would like to say that the great idea is a lot, and its smart execution is another 50% of success.Good luck, “Two Tablespoons”, and happy holidays!

BPO Group USA finds smart business ideas at the city holiday markets

BPO Group USA finds smart business ideas at the city holiday markets: Two Tablespoons.

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