Your Website is Your Face

What people do nowadays to find out more about you and your business? Correct, they go to your website. Your website is your face and your signature, sometimes literally.

How much information do you have to provide on your website? Depends on your purpose, vision, taste, sense of style, and budget. But smartly designed websites will give the viewers an opportunity to see immediately what they are looking for.

And here comes the leader of today’s launches and the most shared links – the website of Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, having resigned from her position recently. Her face, her name, her contacts – that’s what you find on her website. That’s what you want if you need Hillary. That’s what you want to make sure this is she. That’s what you need  if  you have to contact her. And this is what we call “smart approach”. Just. One. Page.


Clinton's website, the only page.

The image from Hillary Clinton’s website


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