Hurricane Sandy: DIY Ways to Survive.

The hurricane is over but many people are still without electricity and hot water…The news  reports are saying it is still impossible to calculate the full damage caused by Sandy.

We are sympathizing with all those who have been suffering losses and damages…

A lot of stores are still closed or ran out of useful supplies including candles. A woman from India taught us how to make your own lights, very easy:

Make a small bowl out of a simple dough (flour plus water). Create a wick by rolling cotton into a thin snake. You can use any oil in the bowl which becomes your lamp. Wet both ends of the wick in the oil, dip one end in the oil and then light the other side.

Survive the dark

DIY oil lamps to survive through the dark

Indian people use such lamps for celebrating their beautiful holiday Diwali.
It might be helpful for you during these dark times…
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