Hurricane Sandy: DIY Ways to Survive.

The hurricane is over but many people are still without electricity and hot water…The news  reports are saying it is still impossible to calculate the full damage caused by Sandy.

We are sympathizing with all those who have been suffering losses and damages…

A lot of stores are still closed or ran out of useful supplies including candles. A woman from India taught us how to make your own lights, very easy:

Make a small bowl out of a simple dough (flour plus water). Create a wick by rolling cotton into a thin snake. You can use any oil in the bowl which becomes your lamp. Wet both ends of the wick in the oil, dip one end in the oil and then light the other side.

Survive the dark

DIY oil lamps to survive through the dark

Indian people use such lamps for celebrating their beautiful holiday Diwali.
It might be helpful for you during these dark times…
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Art of Merchandising to Sell Art

If you are a creative being – a painter, photographer, makeup artist, designer – who wants to participate in the trade show and demonstrate your artworks or services, you also need to know merchandising principles.

BPO Group USA collaborated with Vladimir Yakobtchuk at Art Expo New York 2012

Artworks by Vladimir Yakobtchuk

Your exhibition booth rent costs you a pretty penny so you want to use it wisely, don’t you? Consider your booth space your personal store, showroom or studio. Your small space means your world at this trade show. We can help you make the booth your personal exhibition within the event which – remember! – intends to sell your art and skills.

BPO Group USA was happy to collaborate with some very talented artists and make the booth arrangements during the Art Expo event in New York. One of them is truly gifted Vladimir Yakobtchuk with his unconventional portraits and collages.

BPO Group USA collaborated with Vladimir Yakobtchuk at the Art Expo New York 2012

Gioconda by Vladimir Yakobtchuk

 Here are some tips for the art booth merchandising:

  • The cleanliness and neatness of the display should be maintained. All your items should be either organized by technique/color palette or plot
  • Do not overcrowd a display. Customers tend to pass over messy, busy-looking displays. Instead, a display should feature a point of interest. Every primary piece must interact with every other so that they all come together as a group
  • Avoid dark backgrounds – art space should be light and airy, especially considering the size of your booth.
BPO Group collaborates with Vladimir Yakobtchuk at Art Expo New York

Artwork by Vladimir Yakobtchuk

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Why do you need Merchandising?

Often, the term Merchandising is taken as strictly commercial and relevant to the huge retail monsters only.
In reality, Merchandising should be interpreted in a much broader way. Merchandising is an array of actions and practices contributing to presenting the product in a right way to attract the customer. The final goal of right merchandising is to increase your sales volume.

One of the aspects of merchandising is making a right selection of those goods which are going to be displayed “on shelves” – whether it’s a real retail shelf or your online store. Or even just your website representing your Brand.

BPO Group USA conducts Creative Workshops with designers and artists to introduce the outside the box thinking regarding selecting and demonstrating certain pieces of their cherished creations. Not any creative being can be critical to his own works to make a right selection to catch the audience.

One of the examples is BPO Group USA’s work with the gifted family of jewelry & accessory designers. They are extremely talented people creating unusual and even quirky items. To represent their huge collection of beautiful pieces we had to review them all, then group them, and after all identify those key pieces which really represent their brand.

At BPO Group USA’s Creative Workshop devoted to Merchandising

Besides, BPO Group USA’s recommendation was to inject some contemporary style accessories to their mostly ethnic and very bohemian collection.

BPO Group USA conducted Creative Workshop with the Jewelry designer

At BPO Group USA’s Creative Workshop with the Jewelry & Accessory Designers devoted to Merchandising

BPO Group USA's Creative Workshop with the Jewelry & Accessory designers devoted to Merchandising

At BPO Group USA’s Creative Workshop devoted to Merchandising

All this work can be described as a part of Branding. As a next step, these businessmen will have to create a website and produce materials to represent their brand. But even at this point, after our Creative Workshop devoted to merchandising, they have already got the idea of focusing on the certain styles and items which make these designers stand out and help them build awareness.


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Business Training and Seminars

We have already mentioned the importance of personal networking. When attending business exhibitions try also to participate in workshops and seminars. Usually they are conducted by industry professionals.

At such seminars there is also an opportunity to learn not only from the presenter but from your colleagues and other industry professionals.

Being a part of the audience at one of the Small Business Expo workshops, BPO Group USA representatives were able to answer the audience questions about search engine optimization and why we see different search results on different computers.

Workshop "Take Your Social Media Platform to the Next Level".

Workshop “Social Media – Next Generation Marketing Strategies” during Small Business Expo, New York-2012.

So participating in such seminars and presentations you can have an extra chance, again, to learn more, share your knowledge, build connections and expand your clientele.

At BPO Group USA we offer creative workshops, business trainings and seminars designed individually for you to correspond to your company needs.

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