How to Survive Facebook Changes

As you all noticed, Facebook has recently released many changes not only to its design but also to its algorithm. These changes resulted to the decrease of the organic reach of your Facebook posts and campaigns, in other words your campaign may not take off because your content doesn’t have traction. To put it bluntly, you don’t reach your audience.

So what to do? At the very beginning you should develop your social marketing strategy which should include more than one social media platform. If you stay, for example, only with Facebook than all your efforts depend on the changes and strategies of one social media source. Analyze various social media sources to reach your audience worldwide and land them on your website directly.

Reach your target audience worldwide

Depending on your Brand and goals, consider different social media platforms. Despite the fact that Facebook has been the most engaging social media platform for lots of people worldwide, think of Twitter, Google+ and other sources which are also undergoing major changes and redesign thus gaining more attention, users, and followers.

Recently Twitter has introduced a new page design and published new usage data: now it has 255 million monthly active users, an increase of 25% year-over-year. Google+ will not be considered just a product of Google but a platform. So it means we can expect changes and redesign of its look and functions too. MySpace is on the rise again – the platform used to be favorite among all kinds of creative-beings.

Don’t forget about newsletters – there you can publicize your news and updates outside of social media market at all.

And pay attention to apps – they are on a rise! The certain audiences use apps much more than other sources of information. For instance, women download 40% more apps and spend 87% more money on paid apps than men.

But what to do with our favorite and beloved Facebook? There are also certain strategies you can develop to adopt the recent Facebook changes. Understanding the fact that you don’t “own” your audience any more (because you cannot reach it organically through your posting) you should accept the fact that you have to pay each time you want to promote your campaign to your target audience. Based on this fact, develop your ad campaigns the way they reach the audience you need, try to get their email addresses and drive them to your website to sign up for you blogs and letters. In this case you will establish more one-on-one communication and keep the audience even if you lose it on your social media platforms.

One of the most common pieces of advice – make your content interesting and catchy. New Facebook ad opportunities give you a chance to get click-through engagement directly to your website. Try to benefit from it now.

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Brand Yourself on the Web


Image courtesy

Today it is hard to imagine any brand without its own website. The internet became the easiest source of information. We are [re]searching everything and everywhere using all possible devices starting with our own smart phones.

Do you have a website? Is your brand professionally represented online?

Before you start doing any action from scratch – by yourself or with a professional assistance – think twice of your URL selection and promotion. At BPO Group USA we are happy to consult you at any phase of your branding, business promotion, and your website design. We want to share the following tips with you - before you start your marketing campaign.


  • Use your brand name as your domain name: in other words, use whenever possible
  • Use whenever possible, or at least; if YourBrandName dot com or YourBrandName dot net have been already taken it make sense to think of a different brand name – you cannot confuse your consumers with a lot of names everywhere representing your business
  • If your brand name consists of several words, capitalize each letter of each word to help each word stand out and make your brand name easy to read: for example, => BPO Group USA dot com
  • When running an integrated media campaign use the URL with your selling line, or slogan:

Easy DON’Ts:

  • Avoid hyphens and slashes
  • Do not use words with apostrophes
  • Do not create domain names which are your product or category names, they should be used as supplements.

For more tips and tricks please contact BPO Group USA:




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The Internet and Gadgets Rule in News Updates

Well, it looks like New York City and Tri-State Area have survived through the latest snow storm, friendly called Nemo. We sympathize with those who have experienced losses or damages to their homes or belongings…

Nemo blizzard 2013

This is how the snow storm, Nemo, looked like from space, pictured by NASA. Image courtesy

Any activity, accident, emergency, celebration, development, or – in one word – any today’s event can be covered not only by TV-gurus but also by every person with a gadget.

social media, gadget, Nemo, sharing info

Pictures of the storm shared online. Image courtesy roblawol’s flickr and

Cameras and smart phones are the most popular ones to picture and share the information. Social networks provide and update the information with the unbelievable speed. We can hear, watch, and learn from a primary source, not censored. When the electric power is out, you will still have some battery power to use your mobile gadgets and stay alert. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, blogs and many other websites are at your disposal.

So nobody should ignore the benefits from being present on the internet and talk to your community and circle of fans online. It is especially crucial in case of emergency or extremely important alerts.

In this post we would like to share our impressions of the historic blizzard and, luckily, a relatively peaceful outcome. All captured by handy gadgets and, as you see, shared online. BPO Group USA provides services on creating your website, social media pages, blogs so that you would benefit from developing and promoting your business online building the community around you to share your news and updates with. You can find us on Facebook (, Twitter ( @BPOGroup), and Pinterest ( Welcome to join our community! And stay safe during weather calamities.

Snow storm Nemo_Image by BPO Group USA

Friday evening. Nemo is getting stronger. Photo by BPO Group USA

snow blizzard Nemo image by BPO Group USA

During the latest snow storm Nemo. Photo by BPO Group USA

Nemo blizzard_image by BPO Group USA

The snow storm Nemo is here. Photo by BPO Group USA

Tribeca by BPO Group USA

On Sunday after Nemo – peaceful Tribeca, New York City. Photo by BPO Group USA

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Fake “Likes”, Illegitimate Reviews

Image courtesy

Picking a dining spot or a must-see show means nowadays turning on your mac, PC, or mobile device. The submitted and posted online reviews can make or break the business, that is why the amount of fake reviews increases along with  fake “likes”. The U.S. law says that if you are get paid to endorse a product, place, or service, you must disclose it.

The websites collecting and demonstrating consumers’ opinions  are fighting with the fraudulent posts using the mix of techniques and human moderators to separate fraudulent  comments from genuine reviews. Not only consumers want to get the point about the place or product they want to choose – businesses as well want to rely on the true consumer’s opinion in order to improve their level of services or business operations. Such websites as Google+, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Local do their best to detect fakes.

Image by Yelp

Here Yelp is standing out: approximately 20% of submitted reviews are never displayed. Besides, Yelp turned to a new weapon: public shaming. Yelp announced that businesses found attempting to buy positive reviews will have their pages branded with a consumer advisory informing readers of their chicanery.

How to spot a fake? In 2011, Cornell University computer-science students developed an algorithm that identified 90% of fake reviews, in part by flagging telltale signs.

Here are the five common signs but some of them still sound unconvincing:

  • A user account with just one review
  • Reviews coming from multiple accounts on one computer
  • Reviews that diverge sharply from the sentiment of others
  • Effusive adjectives (real people seldom gush)
  • Vague terms like “vacation” and “my husband” (real people talk about specifics like the bathroom or price).

    Image courtesy

But still, weeding out the fraud and handling the abuse is not an exact science. When Google removed hundreds of reviews for three car dealerships in Kansas, Massachusetts, and Colorado from its Google+ Local pages, those dealers filed complaints with the FTC. “We acknowledge in trying to strike balance in removing spam reviews and keeping legitimate reviews, there will be some error”, – a Google spokesperson comments. Also Yelp spokesman, Vince Sollitto, admits that some legitimate reviews may be caught up in the fight with the spam comments: “It’s a continuing cat-and-mouse game that will always be with us.”

Sources: Advertising Age,

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New Graph Search: Opportunities and Privacy Issues

introducing new graph search

Famous Facebook icon. Photo credit Jason Alden | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Well-well-well, we could not just keep silence! Every person engaged in social media relationships is excited about this Graph Search announced by Facebook just yesterday. This is a new tool allowing you to find the information based on the certain types of your requests: “Italian restaurants in New York my friends from Italy like”, “Pictures of Downtown of 1950s”, “The jewelry my girlfriends pick” and so on. You type your request, and the results update automatically. If Facebook can’t find something it outsources your request to Bing.

Graph Search

Announcing Graph Search on January 15, 2013. Photo credit Noah Berger | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The possibilities of Graph Search are really promising: recruiters can use it for looking for new hires, individuals can find new friends and dates, and of course this is a new way to follow up and stalk people and businesses you’re interested in. ”I think what you’ve seen today is a different product from anything else that’s out there,” Mark Zuckerberg said. The main point is that you will get not links but answers as a result of your search, comparing to other search tools such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Well, but having this new opportunity in place, we all, of course, are concerned about privacy. The privacy issue becomes more and more disturbing as the amount of information available on the internet increases dramatically. And this information is also available about you, yes!  As Mark Zuckerberg explains, the information previously hidden on your Facebook page will not become public. Only information that is already viewable on your Facebook account will show up in searches — but users may find that their data is more easily searchable now. So it is time for you right now to check and update your privacy settings.


Zuckerberg is explaining how this announcement is different than web search. Instead of delivering links with answers, this is just delivering answers. Photo credit Harriet Taylor | CNBC


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Presidential Elections!

New York is ready for covering the election day: the Democracy Plaza was built at the famous Rockefeller Center to become a huge gathering place for voters, journalists, politicians, tourists during Presidential Elections on November 6th, 2012.

Democracy Plaza

Democracy Plaza was built at the Rockefeller Center to cover the election day.

Everyone can come here and use free computers to get the information.

Rockefeller Center before Election Day

People are gathering at the monitors of free computers

Besides, several stages are erected at the area for concerts and covering the event. If you come here you can see lots of lights, monitors, and press-centers.

Needless to say how important this day is for our country and  the whole world.

ELection Day coverage

Rockefeller Center is ready to cover the day!


Rockefeller Center

Democracy Plaza at the Rockefeller Center

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