Holidays: Window Merchandising

Every year and every holiday season all stores on the planet try to strike the pedestrians with their outstanding window displays and convert passers-by into their own consumers. The power of right merchandising is in making you want to look closer at the goods and, at the end, purchase them.

Window merchandising

A window at Tiffany’s. Photo by BPO Group USA.

Stores also get more public attention and awareness if their windows are featured in different kinds of contests and media. In New York in 2012 DDI Magazine named Bergdorf Goodman as the Platinum Award winner in the annual Winning Windows Manhattan holiday retail window competition. Anthropologie Rockefeller Center took home the second-place Gold Award, and both the Ralph Lauren Women’s and Ralph Lauren Baby stores were honored with the third-place Silver Award.

The criteria to win the contest are the following: the spirit of the season, creativity of the display, and its technical execution.

WIndow merchandising

One of the store windows at Pier 17. Photo by BPO Group USA.

It is important to note that with the help of its window merchandising a store can also communicate its social position. For example, Anthropologie is an eco-conscious retailer, and it uses recycled paper, bottles and other previously used materials for creating its unforgettable window scenes. This holiday season you can see snow forests and wild animals “inhabiting” the Anthropologie windows, all hand-made of recycled materials. There are mysterious owls, huge polar bears, cute deer, and of course beautiful dresses inviting you to come in and enjoy the whole in-store experience.


One of the Anthropologie’s windows. Photo by BPO Group USA.

All this beautiful stuff is done with the clear commercial purpose: this is a part of sales strategy to attract your attention and make you buy the goods. The right merchandising leads to more attention, increases awareness, makes one get inside the store with curiosity and interest, and finally helps the businessmen increase their profit.


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