Crowd-Funding Opportunities for Women

Women are still counted as minority entrepreneurs. The sad part is that all minority entrepreneurs are rarely get funding, as the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Venture Research reports. “Minority entrepreneurs made up just 8.5% of the people pitching their businesses to angel investors in the first half of 2013″, – the report says.

Though minorities, including female entrepreneurs, receive much less investor attention and funding, female start ups are more successful. “A 2012 study by Dow Jones reported that 61% of startups with five or more females were successful and only 39% failed. No wonder Etsy recently grew their number of female engineers by 500% in 12 months.” (c) Forbes. Female entrepreneurs are known as hard-working, consistent, goal-oriented and better anti-crisis managers than men.

Yelena Kodryany and Elina Barsegyan

Example of a successful start up: IntelliChild Academy, currently consisting of four schools, is run by two business ladies, Yelena Kodryany and Elina Barsegyan

Business ladies are more conscious about socially related issues, healthy life style, education, that’s why many health care, child care, and human rights projects are run by women.

Shruti Kapoor, the founder of Sayfty, an advisory project carrying personal safety products

How to overcome traditional disrespect to women-entrepreneurs? How to attract investors’ attention? One of the ideas is creation of crowd-funding sites specially for business-ladies. One of such projects is Plum Alley whose motto is “Connecting women entrepreneurs with markets, capital & advice”. Plum Alley looks like a community where you can shop, submit your project for fundraising, get an expert advice, be an expert advisor in your field. The categories where you can show your expertise or try to get funds for your projects are “Film and Video”, “Education”, “Food and Beverage”, “Fashion”. where you can submit your project for crowd-funding

The Plum Alley project was launch as an e-commerce website over a year ago, and now it added a crowd-funding and advisory components. The reward based investments are quite similar to popular Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but in the case with Plum Alley the target audience is women.

The re:artiste Artist Representation company is run by female entrepreneurs, Natalie Burlutskaya and Maria Kordova

Crowd-funding can be a game-changer for your ideas to make them work. Instead of looking for big investors and getting prepared for many business meetings, through crowd-funding sites you can receive smaller investments from the larger group of individuals. And there is a bonus to it – you build awareness, too.

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The Internet and Gadgets Rule in News Updates

Well, it looks like New York City and Tri-State Area have survived through the latest snow storm, friendly called Nemo. We sympathize with those who have experienced losses or damages to their homes or belongings…

Nemo blizzard 2013

This is how the snow storm, Nemo, looked like from space, pictured by NASA. Image courtesy

Any activity, accident, emergency, celebration, development, or – in one word – any today’s event can be covered not only by TV-gurus but also by every person with a gadget.

social media, gadget, Nemo, sharing info

Pictures of the storm shared online. Image courtesy roblawol’s flickr and

Cameras and smart phones are the most popular ones to picture and share the information. Social networks provide and update the information with the unbelievable speed. We can hear, watch, and learn from a primary source, not censored. When the electric power is out, you will still have some battery power to use your mobile gadgets and stay alert. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, blogs and many other websites are at your disposal.

So nobody should ignore the benefits from being present on the internet and talk to your community and circle of fans online. It is especially crucial in case of emergency or extremely important alerts.

In this post we would like to share our impressions of the historic blizzard and, luckily, a relatively peaceful outcome. All captured by handy gadgets and, as you see, shared online. BPO Group USA provides services on creating your website, social media pages, blogs so that you would benefit from developing and promoting your business online building the community around you to share your news and updates with. You can find us on Facebook (, Twitter ( @BPOGroup), and Pinterest ( Welcome to join our community! And stay safe during weather calamities.

Snow storm Nemo_Image by BPO Group USA

Friday evening. Nemo is getting stronger. Photo by BPO Group USA

snow blizzard Nemo image by BPO Group USA

During the latest snow storm Nemo. Photo by BPO Group USA

Nemo blizzard_image by BPO Group USA

The snow storm Nemo is here. Photo by BPO Group USA

Tribeca by BPO Group USA

On Sunday after Nemo – peaceful Tribeca, New York City. Photo by BPO Group USA

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Fake “Likes”, Illegitimate Reviews

Image courtesy

Picking a dining spot or a must-see show means nowadays turning on your mac, PC, or mobile device. The submitted and posted online reviews can make or break the business, that is why the amount of fake reviews increases along with  fake “likes”. The U.S. law says that if you are get paid to endorse a product, place, or service, you must disclose it.

The websites collecting and demonstrating consumers’ opinions  are fighting with the fraudulent posts using the mix of techniques and human moderators to separate fraudulent  comments from genuine reviews. Not only consumers want to get the point about the place or product they want to choose – businesses as well want to rely on the true consumer’s opinion in order to improve their level of services or business operations. Such websites as Google+, TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Local do their best to detect fakes.

Image by Yelp

Here Yelp is standing out: approximately 20% of submitted reviews are never displayed. Besides, Yelp turned to a new weapon: public shaming. Yelp announced that businesses found attempting to buy positive reviews will have their pages branded with a consumer advisory informing readers of their chicanery.

How to spot a fake? In 2011, Cornell University computer-science students developed an algorithm that identified 90% of fake reviews, in part by flagging telltale signs.

Here are the five common signs but some of them still sound unconvincing:

  • A user account with just one review
  • Reviews coming from multiple accounts on one computer
  • Reviews that diverge sharply from the sentiment of others
  • Effusive adjectives (real people seldom gush)
  • Vague terms like “vacation” and “my husband” (real people talk about specifics like the bathroom or price).

    Image courtesy

But still, weeding out the fraud and handling the abuse is not an exact science. When Google removed hundreds of reviews for three car dealerships in Kansas, Massachusetts, and Colorado from its Google+ Local pages, those dealers filed complaints with the FTC. “We acknowledge in trying to strike balance in removing spam reviews and keeping legitimate reviews, there will be some error”, – a Google spokesperson comments. Also Yelp spokesman, Vince Sollitto, admits that some legitimate reviews may be caught up in the fight with the spam comments: “It’s a continuing cat-and-mouse game that will always be with us.”

Sources: Advertising Age,

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BPO Group USA wishes you all the best: joy, happiness, love, peaceful world, friendly people!

New York City looks wonderful during the winter holidays! Enjoy our streets decorated for the holidays and, of course, the stunning Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center!

Christmas Tree. Photo by BPO Group USA

Rockefeller Tree and the Rink View from the NBC Window. Photo by BPO Group USA

Have great holidays! Be happy and lucky in 2013!

Photo by BPO Group USA

Rockefeller Plaza decorated for the winter holidays. Photo by BPO Group USA

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Entrepreneurship: Creative Ideas

“All genius ideas are simple”, – the famous proverb tells us that we should just look around to catch great business ideas and move your company in a right direction. We found such examples at the exhibition “Celebrate! Party Showcase” held in Westchester, NY, in November 2012.

Photo by BPO Group USA

At the exhibition “Celebrate! Party Showcase”. Photo by BPO Group USA.

BPO Group USA at the Celebrate Party Showcase in Westchester, NY

Frozen berries by Früzen. Photo by BPO Group USA.

Look at those colorful gems! These are simple ice cubes containing berries and fruits inside. The company Früzen started its business this Summer, and already it is among the most desirable vendors for cruise lines, weddings, private and corporate parties, cocktail lounges.

Photo by BPO Group USA

Fruity ice cubes ready for your party. Photo by BPO Group USA.

There were also photographers, event planners, and even poets at the exhibition devoted to just parties! If you are into this festive mood and want to make it your career and way of life, such gatherings are a good spot to grab some ideas, meet experienced entrepreneurs, evaluate competition, and make connections, too. Do not stay at your office – go networking.

BPO Group USA visit expo Celebrate Party Showcase

At the exhibition “Celebrate! Party Showcase”. Photo by BPO Group USA.


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