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Well, it looks like New York City and Tri-State Area have survived through the latest snow storm, friendly called Nemo. We sympathize with those who have experienced losses or damages to their homes or belongings…

Nemo blizzard 2013

This is how the snow storm, Nemo, looked like from space, pictured by NASA. Image courtesy

Any activity, accident, emergency, celebration, development, or – in one word – any today’s event can be covered not only by TV-gurus but also by every person with a gadget.

social media, gadget, Nemo, sharing info

Pictures of the storm shared online. Image courtesy roblawol’s flickr and

Cameras and smart phones are the most popular ones to picture and share the information. Social networks provide and update the information with the unbelievable speed. We can hear, watch, and learn from a primary source, not censored. When the electric power is out, you will still have some battery power to use your mobile gadgets and stay alert. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Tumbler, blogs and many other websites are at your disposal.

So nobody should ignore the benefits from being present on the internet and talk to your community and circle of fans online. It is especially crucial in case of emergency or extremely important alerts.

In this post we would like to share our impressions of the historic blizzard and, luckily, a relatively peaceful outcome. All captured by handy gadgets and, as you see, shared online. BPO Group USA provides services on creating your website, social media pages, blogs so that you would benefit from developing and promoting your business online building the community around you to share your news and updates with. You can find us on Facebook (, Twitter ( @BPOGroup), and Pinterest ( Welcome to join our community! And stay safe during weather calamities.

Snow storm Nemo_Image by BPO Group USA

Friday evening. Nemo is getting stronger. Photo by BPO Group USA

snow blizzard Nemo image by BPO Group USA

During the latest snow storm Nemo. Photo by BPO Group USA

Nemo blizzard_image by BPO Group USA

The snow storm Nemo is here. Photo by BPO Group USA

Tribeca by BPO Group USA

On Sunday after Nemo – peaceful Tribeca, New York City. Photo by BPO Group USA

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Event: “Life After Life” – Showcase of Alvaro Montagna’s Photography

November 17th, 2012 – Alvaro Montagna is greeting guests at his first exhibition. “Life after Life” is the theme of his photography series presented at the private event in Glen Ridge residence where Alvaro Montagna shared his philosophy and views on nature and its eternal circle of life.

Alvaro Montagna's showcase in Glen Ridge, NJ

Alvaro Montagna is greeting his guests. Photo by BPO Group USA.

Along with being a gifted photographer, Alvaro Montagna is an accomplished marketing manager and university professor. He is also featured as a Branding & Marketing Trainer of BPO Group USA.

Alvaro Montagna

At “Life After Life” Event showcasing Alvaro Montagna’s photography. Photo by BPO Group USA.

For his first solo art event Alvaro Montagna opted for a private gathering style: instead of having a big crowd of walkers-by, Alvaro focused on selected group of fans and connoisseurs. He has already enjoyed a big crowd attention before – when he was selected among the top winners of the world famous “Art Takes Manhattan” contest, and when his artworks were demonstrated in Times Square. This time he decided to go with the selective approach.

However, the event was not closed for those who are interested in photography or Alvaro Montagna’s vision: one could find the information about the coming event on popular social media websites along with the possibility to RSVP via email. Such event planning strategy helps you keep your party private but without missing your fans or prospective buyers who would like to attend your exhibition and meet the artist in person.

Residence design for Alvaro Montagna's showcase

Cozy design of the private residence hosting Alvaro Montagna’s photography showcase. Photo courtesy Marcello Montagna.

Residence for Alvaro Montagna's showcase

At the event. Photo by BPO Group USA.

Smart event planning strategy, clever management, cozy design of the private residence where Alvaro’s event was held made the guests truly enjoy the night and Alvaro’s photography. We are proud to have such a bright personality as a team member and wishing Alvaro Montagna continued success!

BPO Group USA at "Life after Life" photography showcase

BPO Group USA at “Life after Life” event showcasing Alvaro Montagna’s photography. Photo by BPO Group USA.

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